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What our clients say


“I was always a sceptic, but I was recommended to Asaf Shimoni and UPLEAD and finally realised that these things work. Once I’d signed up, the college’s website was promoted to top of the rankings within no time at all. I am really grateful”


Andrea|CEO, YeadPlus

“Undoubtedly, UPLEAD deserves every praise, and that’s coming from a loyal customer of 6 years! Your service, knowledge, and professionalism with regards to marketing on Facebook are definitely notable. We highly recommend.”


Daniela | CEO, LA FACE

“We are extremely pleased, first and foremost with the kind service and the immediate response from Asaf and the rest of the team at Uplead to all our requirements. We loved working with them for their transparency, honesty and most importantly – the results!” 


Sinai | CEO, Dr-D

“Uplead are a guiding hand when it comes to online. You can count on them and rest assured that they will do everything in the best possible way, leading with original and innovative ideas. The staff are very kind and always available for no matter the request. Highly recommended!”

Fed | CEO, Papuga Studio

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